Priming the Cargo Bed

Quite sunny and very hot again this morning. Perfect for priming day! I’m painting the whole cargo area with a rust converter primer (Corroseal) since there are a few rust spots and I don’t feel like sanding them all off. Since I have to prime anyway, figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and use this rust converter primer. It’s more expensive than normal primer, but timewise it’s totally worth it. I’ll then put a top coat of white metal paint. I’m going through all this to prevent rust developing on the inside walls of the cargo area. Condensation can be a real problem in vans, as I’ve already discovered with the mildewy floor mat. A vent will be the main solution to that problem (no air circulation is the reason for condensation build-up), but just in case I get a condensation layer next to the exterior metal shell of the van, I want that metal to be well coated by a protective layer of paint.

I had never heard of rust converter before this. I learned about it in doing research on painting rusty metal. It’s a water based product that works on rust to convert it into an inactive form and prevent it from spreading. It works as a primer as well. You just paint it on and as it dries it converts any rusty spots to a black patch. The rust converting primer went on clear, so that was a bit annoying. It was however, very thin/watery, so it went on very easily. Tools used for this process were a ¾’’ brush, a 2’’ brushes, and a 6’’ roller and tray. The ¾’’ brush came in very hand to get into the nooks and crannies of the door. Since the primer was water based, I washed out all the brushes to use again for the top coat. Overall, the priming took about 4 hours to complete at a leisurely pace. Probably used only a half to two thirds of the gallon of rust converter. A full 24 hours is needed for the rust converter to cure. I’ll be back at the final painting stage soon as the next sunny day rolls around!


3 thoughts on “Priming the Cargo Bed

  1. Its lookin great Anya even with only the primer. Are u going to paint it a specific color. The shelves whcih I think are on the left side of the inside are they staying? Did the prior owner put them in? Also what are the things on the roof….. a roof rack???Duh!!!! The shelves seem vey useful unless they take valuable floor space and if so perhaps they can be moved up enough to sit on the floor under them. or be cut to leave floor space Have you worked on a floor design yet. I have watched a lot of Tiny house programs so I can probably give you some ideas for spacing things. Also do you have a saw to cut the wood needed to build the things inside??

    A good way to save space is to build a rectangular bottom frame which is only (one half of the frame) out of wood ( maybe 8 inches high) that is the length of the mattress(along the side wall of the van)and the width of one half of the mattress..Then make another piece that you can pull out from under(wheels perhaps the top of the frame. iwhen you need the full mattress down to sleep. When the pull out is under , for daytime use, the mattress can be set up onto the remaining frame and put against the side of the truck(perhaps with hooks to hold it up) so that it becomes a couch and things you need for daytime can be stored under the half frame . Plenty of storage under there for the things you need during the day… a small table, small benches for company . I know you know you can have a little table that can be affixed to a small part of the side of the van that lifts down or up when you need it and then can go back up when not needed. Small rectangular storage thingys can be used on the opposite side on hte shelves, even if you take a few off the bottom, to store clothes and everthing else. . We can discuss his if iou are interested or confused about what I have said. I know you have your ideas also but Id like you to consider anything I have to offer. Love Ma


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