Painting the Top Coat

I gave the rust converter two full days to cure/dry. It became more opaque (off-whitish looking) as it dried, and the rust spots did turn black like it said they would. I noticed a few spots I missed, which I went over on the second day. Now that another sunny day has rolled around, it’s time to paint the top coat. I’m using a Rust-Oleum glossy white oil based paint for this step and the same brushes and rollers as with the primer.

The painting process took a lot longer than the priming process since the paint was so much thicker than the primer. And there’s just so many nooks and crannies! Though painting was a lot more satisfying than priming since I could see the improvement. It looked great when it was finished. All said and told it took me about 6 to 7 hours to complete and I used about 2/3 of the gallon of paint.

Helpful Hints: I really wished I had used a shower cap for my hair since oil based paint is hard to get out. Gloves might have been nice too since I’m exceedingly messy and I didn’t have paint thinner to clean my hands after. However, oil and soap works quite well. I just used olive oil and dish soap. It takes a few rounds to get all the paint off, but it works.


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